Treetop Partners updates its visual identity to align with its values

May 5, 2021


After close to four years in business, Treetop Partners re-invents its visual identity to create a better connection between how the company represents itself and its values.

“When we started Treetop Partners, the goal was to develop an advisory and service provider that enabled very skilled and ambitious people to lead meaningful lives both on and off the pitch, so to speak,” explains Jacob Winning Lehmann, Managing Partner and founder of Treetop Partners. 

By fostering an encouraging and engaging culture and letting people extend their ambitions beyond their work, Treetop Partners attracts sharp minds in the renewable area and lets them make a noticeable difference for the energy transition whilst growing professionally and personally 

Twentyten Studio assisted Treetop Partners in creating its new visual identity around the concepts of renewable energy, growth and valuing relations. According to Thomas Bræstrup, designer at Twentyten Studio, it was important to reflect these key ideas in the design:

“When designing for a company, it’s about making sure the first impression people get of the company actually corresponds to the ‘personality’ of the company. The visual identity sets the tone for what kind of people you expect to meet in the company – how they talk and work.”

Through extensive dialogue over a short period of time, Twentyten Studio developed a design that is tied together by the color ‘wood green’, reflecting renewable energy, nature and growth, a font that is rounded and more inviting and a new logo that incorporates the plus sign as a symbol in a prominent position.

“The plus sign is placed such that it implies both internal and external partners, signifying both the teamwork done internally and the collaborative approach to clients,” explains Thomas Bræstrup.

 Jacob Winning Lehmann adds:

“Treetop Partners builds long-term relations with people we work for and people who work for us – these are basically our partners. This should be reflected in our logo and visual identity, and we are very happy with how Twentyten Studio incorporated this.”

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