Treetop Partners specializes in energy infrastructure projects, investments and technology that will accelerate the green energy transition

We provide services and strategic advice to projects, investors, OEMs & technology providers delivering value through our unique strength: the ability to couple extensive industry experience and commercial thought-leadership with a profound legal understanding.

Our primary focus is on the early stages of development of infrastructure projects and technologies, and we work within offshore wind, floating offshore wind, onshore wind, solar and new technologies such as energy storage. We strive to make a tangible difference for our clients by maximizing value.

Our Story

Treetop Partners was founded in 2017 by people who had spent more than a decade in energy infrastructure, contributing to Denmark’s journey towards global leadership in offshore wind.

We founded Treetop Partners because we believe that these times call for engaging and inspiring work environments, where people are able to extend their ambitions beyond their worklife, whilst contributing to climate change mitigation.

Living a fulfilling life both in and out of working hours will make better people, judgements and decisions.

How we work

Our goal is to be trusted advisors for leading developers, investors, fund managers and OEMs who positively impact climate change mitigation, assisting them to enable their projects or technologies to become investable, bankable and value generating.

We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients, because knowing our clients’ ways of doing business and key priorities allows us to deliver the right resources and results. 

Through our vast network we are able to bring in experts and connect projects with financing, extending our reach far beyond and above our number.


Our values

We believe that our values will deliver the difference for our clients and our community of people. They serve as important navigational aids for how we relate to the world



Acting with integrity and being honest is fundamental to creating trust and transparency. People working with us, and people for whom we work will always know us to give fair, direct and uncandid advice and feedback.



We are strong believers in the magic of relations between people. Stable, long-term relations in the team and to our clients are the foundation of creating an open-minded community, spurring creativity and delivering better results.



The quality of our work needs to meet the highest standards. We strive to make a difference for our clients so that our impact provide tangible value and we solve complex tasks.


Meet the team


Jacob Winning Lehmann
Managing Partner


Anne Marie Kjær Christensen
Senior Consultant


Nathan Carr
Lead Consultant


Jost Beimeche
Junior Analyst